Unbox: Razer Seiren Elite

A professional streaming dynamic microphone for home use?


In 2020, many of us need to work / study from home, video conference is one of the important and necessary event. A professional microphone can help your presentation and let everyone hear your words clearly. Here’s a unbox and review of Razer Flagship Product — the Seiren Elite.

Note: The boom arm needs to be purchased separately / Image source: Razer official website


Connect with your audience and take your streaming to the next level with our ultra-clear, pro-grade mic. Also ideal for recording and work setups, turn your voice into the ultimate tool as you keep whoever’s listening hanging on your every word. — Razer

Price: HKD$1130.78/USD$145.91
(Original price: HKD$1,649.00/USD$199.99)
Made in: China



Box size (reference for shipping):

18x13x30cm (WxLxH) — Apple Measurement Tool
“Apple” style sealing

Is this a … “Shoebox” ?

Shoebox design🤣 — there is a thick styrofoam inside, so don’t worry about crashing during transportation XD
Included: A quick manual

It is very simple and no extra accessories to install.

H: 22cm — Apple Measurement Tool
Included: MicroUSB cable x1 + microphone windscreen x1




  • The recording is very clear and sensitive, you may refer to the recordings on my previous medium articles.
  • Easy to control volume and gain via physical button
  • Compatible with macOS (no need to install firmware / software)

Existing problem

  • On mac, it will automatically turn on after sleep.
  • Quite large white noise during monitoring
  • Unexpected jamming sound
  • You need to put the microphone close to your mouth to achieve the best effect; or you may purchase an additional boom arm.


  • It is not using latest usb type-c cable.
  • This product is released over 2 years. Not sure when will Razer release a upgrade…

Official purchase link (original price):

Thanks for reading :)

Disclaimer: The author is not affiliated with Razer. — 2020/8/15

Developer, UI/UX Designer and 📽Photographer | Contact: hello@1998.media | Website: 1998.media

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