TestFlight Alternative: Distribute iOS14 App with Firebase

Are you Apple Developer who wants to distribute the app in a faster way?


Google Firebase


Start From Free


1. Visit Firebase Website

2. Login and Click “Go to console”

3. Add a new project and select iOS application

4. Navigate to “App Distribution”

5. Open Xcode 12 or above

6. Product ➜ Archive

7. Click the right button

8. Choose Ad Hoc

9. Use Default Value or

10. Use Default Value or

11. Click the button and save in a location you want.

12. Open Finder. And you will see 4 files in the folders.

13. Drag xxx.ipa into Firebase

14. Add your Firebase account for testing.

15. Once it is ready, you can see this section.

16. You / Tester will get this email notification.

17. You can also invite testers via link (Similar to TestFlight)

👏 That’s all! Congrats! 🎉


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