BetterSNS for iPad

The Best All-in-One SNS app for iPadOS 14!

For the main features, you can upload / save images with WhatsApp, keeping the login state of every SNS services, and switching different SNS easily.

All the major SNS functions work fine on iPadOS 14. (Expect the remarks on the article bottom)

BetterSNS also supports Privacy Protection with TouchID for lastest iPad Air (2020) and FaceID for iPad Pro.

You can open up-to 3 windows in the same time. Drag and drop the text and image from SNS to SNS is much easier, too.

If you wish to be the first to experience this new app, please kindly join the TestFlight group below.

Get beta access on Apple TestFlight

Coming soon on Apple App Store.

Thanks for reading :)


  • Not support documents download at this moment.
  • Whatsapp loading may need some time, depending on the internet connection speed and status of the WhatsApp server.

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