Best apps bundle for mac (2020)

Setapp — Subscription Based Mac Apps Collection

What is Setapp?

Setapp is a large Mac apps collection in subscription based, including famous apps, such as CleanMyMac X, Adguard, Meeter, Step Two, Boom 3D, CleanShot X, and 100+ apps.

Setapp vs Mac App Store


  • Subscription based
    Quite affordable for most of the mac user.
  • Most of the apps are fully unlocked and don’t require in-app purchase
  • High quality apps available (which you cannot find on app store)

Mac App Store

  • Free / Paid
  • In-app purchase 😵
  • More expensive in long term
    Developers may ask you to pay and upgrade your app every year. Otherwise, you cannot enjoy the latest features. (e.g. PD😆)


  • Standard (1 device) : $107.88 / yr
  • Families (1+3 users) : $179.88 / yr
  • Extra Device : $2.49/mo
  • Student (1 device + Require student email) : $59.88 / yr

What inside Setapp?

10+1 Categories

Similar to Mac App Store, you can discover apps with categories.

Global Search

You can search the app you want on the top.

Beautiful product page

To install app, tap install; or
To uninstall app, right-click Open button.

Cross-platform subscription (iOS)

Tap iOS app button, install iOS app.

After installed iOS app, scan the QR code to unlock the in-app purchase.

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